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Ensuring quality and holistic education accessible to all children by breaking barriers.

Delhi Thaiba Heritage

Delhi Thaiba Heritage is a non-profit organization, working for the social, cultural, educational, and economic uplift of the indigent populace in the northern states of India. We are undertaking wide-ranging activities in 8 states of India by leading several projects in various fundamental realms of human life like education, drinking water, health, shelter, food, cultural centers, and other welfare enterprises.

Our Initiatives

Mobile food truck providing nutritious meals to the poor in slums and remote villages, along with basic education training.

Mobile Medical Unit delivering healthcare services to vulnerable populations in remote villages and slums.

Education program for dropout and out-of-school children, bringing them back to formal schooling and imparting 21st-century life skills.

Food on Wheels Life School is an innovative initiative, extending beyond meals to shape brighter futures through holistic development with knowledge and skills.

Addresses the issue of safe drinking water in schools, villages, and slums through borewells and water resources.

Early childhood development program focused on transforming innate abilities of children into reality through systematic and innovative methods.

Thaiba’s Vision 2030 is a mission where education, empowerment, and innovation come together to shape the India of tomorrow! At Thaiba Heritage, we have always been committed to nurturing young minds, fostering a love for learning, and empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential.

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